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With Truck includes: 26 ft. truck, movers, dollies, tools, shrink wrap, mileage, fuel, home protection

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Damage Coverage Plans

There are 3 options of coverage for you household goods and property
1. Carrier Liablity – A household good carrier’s liability for loss or damage to any shipment is $.60 per pound per article. Any Labor only jobs will be covered under this Carrier Liability only while in out care.(does not cover any property damage)
2. Replacement value coverage – Covers household goods and property damage.
3. Check with your home/renters insurance. Replacement Value Coverage – is defined as by the following guide. Only one can be chosen. This is for any property damage or damage to household goods.

  • Current value of item with deprecation factored in.
  • The cost of restoring the item back to its beginning integrity.
  • The cost of replacing the item with the same item that was damaged.

Damage to the Property Guidelines.

  • Repairs to property that are needed will be submitted to Baby Huey’s Moving.
  • The client has to get 2 different quotes for repairs to the damage to property or Baby Huey’s Moving will contract out the repairs to be completed.

Client’s deductible is: $250.00 for any plan chosen.

  • Plan A $10,000 in Coverage: $75 non-refundable payment.
  • Plan B $20,000 in Coverage: $150 non-refundable payment.

Please Take Note of the following Recommendations

  • All plans cover items and property damage. Any pre-existing damage will be noted on the contract the day of the move and will not be covered.
  • Any household goods that is not in stable shape will be noted on the contract and will not be covered.
  • Any household goods that are made of particle board will be noted on the contract and will not be covered
  • Any household goods that are not properly packed will be noted on the contract and will not be covered.
  • Any glass, mirrors, marble tops must be boxed or crated or will be noted on the contract and will not be covered.
  • Any electrical or mechanic items will not be covered unless clear mishandling by our staff.
  • Any items subject to weather change or rain or snow, and clearly damaged because of the fact will not be covered.
  • Any items that are too large to make a turn or go up/down stairs properly will be noted on the contract and will not be covered.

***Loss or damage to important documents, money, currency, jewelry of any kind, plants, or live animals will not be covered at any time by our company. Client will need to keep these items locked up away from our staff so they will not be in question.